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Lowman Log Works, located in the mountains of Idaho, creates beautiful jewelry pieces, magnets and souvenirs from the beautiful woods found in Idaho. Together, this mom and pop team, have built custom homes, made log furniture, milled their own lumber, and more recently, begun creating unique laser-engraved wood products.

Free display rack with 30 pair opening order (Rack must be returned if you no longer stock this line).
Ordering and Payment Terms
Minimum Order in case lots. VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or Net 30 on approved accounts.
    Description Price
1.   Personalize Wooden Ornaments
Item No. LLW-POrnament
2.   Wooden Christmas Ornaments
Item No. LLW-Ornaments
3.   Personalized Wooden Cheese Board
Item No. LLW-Board
4.   Personalized Wooden Key Rings
Item No. LLW-Keyrings
5.   Personalized Wooden Magnets
Item No. LLW-Magnets
6.   Wooden Rubber Band Gun Kit
Item No. LLW-RBGun
7.   Hoops Wooden Earrings
Item No. LLW-Hoop
8.   Nature Wooden Earrings
Item No. LLW-Nature
9.   Geometric Wooden Earrings 2
Item No. LLW-Geo 2
10.   Garden Rectangle Wooden Earrings
Item No. LLW-Garden
11.   Trendy Wooden Earrings
Item No. LLW-Trendy
12.   Bird Wooden Earrings
Item No. LLW-Bird
13.   Wildlife Wooden Earrings
Item No. LLW-Wildlife
14.   Western Wooden Earrings
Item No. LLW-Western
15.   Little Flyers Wood Earrings
Item No. LLW-Flyers
16.   Geometric Wooden Earrings 1
Item No. LLW-Geo 1
17.   'Crossing' Magnets
Item No. LLW-CrossMag
All prices in US Dollars

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