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Wholesale Company Promotes Idaho-Made Products

Idaho Gifts Wholesale (formerly Lewis Clark Gifts & Souvenirs) is a dominant wholesale gift sales representative firm in the state of Idaho. As a "manufacturer's representative" company, we offer as a "wholesale only" web site -- in other words, we do not sell to the general public, but to retailers, including independent gift stores, museums, convenience stores, books shops, gourmet food stores, florist and hotel gifts shops, and visitor's centers.
Company History
Established in January of 2001, Idaho Gifts Wholesale (formerly named Lewis Clark Gifts & Souvenirs) offered Idaho-made products (and products made for Idaho) to over 300 retail establishments. Due to the growing demand from businesses for more Idaho products and more ordering options, we decided to publish this wholesale web site to make shopping for products easier and faster.

Along with the development of the Idaho Gifts Wholesale site, the company name "Lewis Clark Gifts & Souvenirs" no longer represented the evolution of our company into a concentration on Idaho gourmet foods, gifts, and souvenirs. So with the passing of the Lewis & Clark BiCentennial Commemoration, we changed our name to Idaho Gifts Wholesale!

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