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Gourmet Food Store

Near beautiful Lake Coeur d Alene, this award winning line of salad dressing, sauces and meat rubs was developed. After twenty years of whipping them up in her kitchen, husband and wife team, Peggy and Don, carefully developed the sauces commercial to bring out the best flavors.
Ordering and Payment Terms
Minimum Order in case lots, mix and match dressings and dressing packets. VISA or MasterCard required on first time orders or Net 30 with approved credit.
    Description Price
1.   Bottled Salad Dressing
Item No. CDC-200
2.   Carmelized Onion Grilling Sauce
Item No. CDC-149
3.   Dip & Dressing Dry Mixes
Item No. CDC-300
4.   Gift Basket Sampler-Sized Sauces
Item No. CDC-401
5.   Meat Rubs
Item No. CDC-501
6.   Premium Hunter's Sausage Seasoning Blends
Item No. CDC-551
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