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You must be a qualified buyer of a retail outlet, gift basket company, restaurant or cafe with a valid sellers permit (unless your state does not issue sellers permits. Alternate directions listed below) in order to receive a password to this WHOLESALE ONLY website.

If you are a reseller, fill out the following information to receive your password. Please allow our staff 24 to 48 hours to review your registration form and email your personal passwords. If you need information immediately, please call (888) 231-1699.

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*RESALE or STATE SALES Tax ID # (Idaho retailers must supply Sales Tax ID numbers. Other states may use Federal EIN if there is no sales tax numbers)

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Privacy Policy
Any information you voluntarily provide while ordering, requesting a password, or asking to subscribe to our customer e-letter, such information is held confidential and in the highest regard, on the secure portion of the hosting web server. We never divulge such any such information, including email addresses to anyone, for any reason; EXCEPT: when you order products from a company we represent, information you provide as a means to obtain a customer account with that vendor shall be provided, to the extent required to fulfill your order and communicate with you about the order.
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